Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In the Eye of the Beholder

M and I were watching TV tonight, and the following commercial came on, which we watched in silence.

*Note: Philips is one of my husband's biggest clients, and he's been extensively exposed to their marketing materials.

Afterwards the following conversation ensued:

  me: "Ich liebe Dich."
  M:   "I love you, too. Do I need to shave?"
  me: "Uh...not if you don't want to. What does shaving have to do with I love you?
  M:   "Because you said it right after that commercial."
  me: "That commercial was about shaving?"
  M:   "Well, about hair removal, yes."
  me: "Huh. All I saw was a woman who is thinner and sexier than I am, and I was wishing I looked more like that."
  M:  "And what I was thinking was, 'I wonder if that's a Philips Lighting or Philips Consumer Lifestyle product."


  1. Anonymous9/7/15 01:24

    It's obvious how much you love each other!

    1. :-) I'm glad it shows! I am a lucky woman.

  2. Your husbands reaction is hilarious, and your statement is depressingly true.

    "Huh. All I saw was a woman who is thinner and sexier than I am, and I was wishing I looked more like that."

    I think advertisers hope for the reaction "Wow, that woman is pretty and thin. Wish I looked more like that. Maybe that product would help me get there." But I think it is rare that women get past the first two thoughts before the commercial is over, then we all just go around feeling worse about ourselves.

    1. I agree. We are all but forced to have a negative self-image because product manufacturers & advertisers can make loads of money if we do. We should color our hair, wear makeup, lose weight... I'd rather see a simple emphasis on healthy cooking & living. Why is exercise equipment always advertised using thin and incredibly fit people who don't need the equipment? Because the products won't sell if viewers were seeing average people using them.

  3. That's a really cute exchange! Hehe.

    After seeing the commercial, my thought is: hmm, I wonder if it really works?