Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Email subscriptions

Greetings to my readers!

I've been remiss in notifying you that Feedburner (the program that has handled email subscriptions to my blog) will no longer function within Blogger. I have switched to follow.it in order to keep offering email subscriptions.

This means that yet again, if you want to keep receiving my blog posts by email, you will need to click on "Get new posts by email" and enter your email address. On a PC that is in the upper right of the screen. I don't know where to find it on a tablet or smartphone, but perhaps someone who does can add that to the comments section of this post.

Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland

I'm including a favorite photo for your efforts. Enjoy! 

And although my blogging has slowed down signifcantly, I plan to post a falconry update soon.

Until then, stay healthy! (Well, stay healthy after that also!)

~ Ami

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