Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Off Topic: Ever have one of those days...?

  • ...when the first thing you see in the morning is a dark sky full of gray, gloomy clouds and the first thing you hear is rain pounding on your roof, and you think, "Nice! I won't have to water the rhododendron or roses tonight!"

  • ...when you try a new recipe and it turns out so badly you grimace at the leftovers, and you are grateful that you had a full meal to eat and also know you'll have enough to eat tomorrow?

  • ...when you need to walk to the butcher (or walk the dog) but it's so cold and windy that you wouldn't be able to use an umbrella if it started raining, and you realize that at least there won't be any bugs bothering you today?

  • ...when you can't find a parking place anywhere near your doctor's office so you have to park in a lot five blocks away, and your body reminds you as you walk how very good it feels to stretch and move?

  • ...when you run out of Coca-Cola, tea, or whatever your favorite beverage is and you're "dying" of thirst, and you remember that you have all the clean water you could ever hope to need just a few steps from your refrigerator?

  • ...when you are so tired of a certain person in your life (coworker, neighbor, in-law) that you wish he or she would just go away, and then you consider the notion that everyone you meet in your life is there to teach you something - and this person's job is perhaps to teach you patience and grace?

  • ...when the neighbor kids are outside making such a racket you want to scream and spray them with your garden hose, then realize that they remind you how it felt to be a kid with no responsibilities?

  • ...when you stare gloomily at your bank account statement realizing you will not be able to go on a trip this summer or upgrade your TV, then decide to call your mother and thank her for teaching you how to be responsible with money?

  • ...when you have to wait in a long line at the grocery store checkout, which gives you time to remember that an entire warehouse full of food is behind you and all you have to do is choose anything you want and wait a few minutes to pay for it?

  • ...when you're bored because all of your friends are busy, so you turn on the TV and are reminded that people in many parts of this war-torn world wish with all their hearts they could be bored for half a day rather than scramble, flee, or fight for their and their family's lives?

  • ...when you badly miss your children (because they're off in college or settled far away), your parents, your sister, your boyfriend, or your best friend but know how lucky you are that they are just a phone call or email away while some will never see their loved ones again because they were killed in service, in a school shooting, or in a car accident?

  • ...when you have aches and pains because you're getting older but know that you can still do everything you need to do - get out of bed, walk up and down stairs, get into and out of your car, and walk unaided, for example?

Those are good days, aren't they?

I surely don't mean that you and I should be happy because others are less fortunate, but rather that when we're having a bad day, it might be best to reflect on how fortunate we are and on the positive things and people in our lives. I'm not preaching; I find it helpful when someone reminds me to look at something from a different perspective, and I wanted to put this out into the universe. It started with my first point - I truly don't mind rainy days anymore!


  1. Anonymous21/8/14 12:16

    Absolutely beautiful! I work hard to be positive but am not always successful. This is a great reminder to see the good things in life. I did have one of these moments last week though. Every time I opened the fridge I felt aggravated that I couldn't find anything because it was so cram-packed full of food. Can you imagine?! I suddenly realized... "But I have food. And lots of it. So much that it barely fits in the fridge! I'm so blessed!" Thanks for this.

  2. I am acutely aware these days of my little complaints which nearly all fall under "first world problems." I really have to scoff at myself sometimes. We can't turn the TV on without being reminded of people and places with _real_ problems while I have only to deal with occasional bad weather and an unsatisfying meal. Here's to positive thinking!