Sunday, August 17, 2014

Diese Woche in Kürze / This Week in a Nutshell

17. August, 2014

This week I...
  • snagged the idea from another expat blogger to start a weekly update. I'm not sure if I'll do this regularly, but I enjoyed reading her lists!

  • tried a new recipe for Apricot Chicken, which turned out to be terrible! I didn't expect my husband would like it (because it had chicken and apricots in it instead of steak), but even I thought it was disgusting. Blech!

  • started on a translation of a city's website, beginning with a detailed description of what is offered at the city's Christmas Market. Started looking forward to Christmas.

  • emailed my bestie (best friend) back in Wisconsin.

  • had way too much free time. (I'm in week 3 of the 6-week summer holidays in Baden-Württemberg.)

  • realized I'm reading five books at once right now (a novel, two travel guide books, and two nonfiction books about ancient Rome and Vienna in 1888), four of which I'm enjoying.

  • continued my reading, research, and note-taking to prepare for upcoming trips to Vienna and Rome.

  • went for a leisurely 3.5 km hike around Horb.

  • contemplated quitting Facebook again. I don't like Facebook at all, but I would miss seeing what some of my friends and acquaintances are up to!

  • expanded my expat & travel blog reading list from two to about ten, then sat around impatiently waiting for everyone to publish more posts!

  • put off yard work.

  • learned a new word - pablum! I had never heard this word before, so I typed it into my online German-English dictionary, and the German word (Blödsinn) made the meaning clear to me. Love it when that happens.

  • ordered "Bäckchen vom Jungschwein" (cheeks of a young pig) at our favorite restaurant. SO delicious! That totally made up for the nasty apricot chicken business.
Yes, those are the facial cheeks. The meat is wonderfully tender because
the cheeks are muscles the pigs use a lot when they're young.

  • wrote this list while my husband cooked goulash for tomorrow (we've been told that should always be cooked the day before you plan to eat it)

  • then helped him prepare tonight's meal, Ostpreußische Schusterpastete (one of our favorites).


  1. I love Vienna (well, Austria in general to be honest). I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Thanks! I'll be traveling with my British MiL to meet my American parents, who are finishing a European river cruise there. I'm looking forward to it.

  3. I love this idea! I hope you don't mind, but I grabbed this idea that you snagged from someone else to use in my blog too :)

    1. I saw that and read yours! :-) I felt a bit guilty because it wasn't my idea originally, but if we all give credit where we found it, I think that must be ok. And just after I posted my last update, I decided to change to a monthly "Highs and Lows" - so you won't see another update from me until the end of September. I really like reading other expats' updates. I'd actually like to read something like that from my family and friends back in the U.S. as well.