Saturday, May 26, 2018

GDPR Notice


Due to the new EU regulation - the General Data Protection Regulation, which I only partially understand - I will be deleting my email subscribers list beginning on Sunday, May 27.  If you wish to re-subscribe, just return to my blog and re-enter your email address near the upper right of the main page where it says "Follow by Email" and hit "submit."

By resubscribing to my blog if you so choose, you will presumably be agreeing to the new regulations. I will need to read more about this and probably come up with a privacy policy which no one will read.

I almost never look at my list of email subscribers, and when I last looked a year or two ago, I had seven or eight subscribers. I checked the list this morning and now have 1,293, most of which look fake to me. Since I see no way to do this in one move, I will need to delete my subscribers one-by-one. The eight people whose email addresses I recognize will be the last ones to be deleted, and the whole process is likely to take several days or more.

I do nothing with your data (email address), but quite likely Blogger does. They're the ones that use "cookies." I do have a STATS page I can click on behind the scenes to see which countries or websites hits to my blog are coming from, but there's nothing in there that tells me who you are. Still, ignorance is not acceptable and if I screw up I could face heavy fines for being non-compliant.

If any other bloggers have advice for me, please let me know in an email!

Enjoy your weekend!

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