Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mid-month Confessions

This is a weird time of year. I don't particularly like January or February, and March isn't anything to look forward to, either. Christmas is over, the weather is dull, gray, and hopeless, there are too many months between now and the end of the school year, and my feet are always cold which makes me as discontented as a cat stuck out in the rain. I am sure I will never understand Fasching/Fasnet, but I should be able to get others' enthusiasm for the tomfoolery. At least it livens up the drabness of winter.

In an attempt to get back my sense of humor, I thought I'd offer a few confessions.

In the last few days or weeks, I may or may not have...

  •  ...published a blog post I really liked about my favorite island, only to discover while I was looking for something else in my archives that I had already published a post about the island in October. No wonder I couldn't find the draft I'd thought I'd written.

  • ...regifted (to the Sternsinger and my students) some of the candy from M's and my Adventskalender because we couldn't eat that much chocolate every day!

  • ...let loose an audible anguished groan upon noticing the sixth mistake/typo in 12 pages of what appears to be a printed copy of the E-book version of an American classic I've been longing to read, which I ordered from Amazon. Good my lord, who types these things?!?

  •  ...fished a piece of tin foil out of the gelber Sack (I'd only put it in there 2-3 minutes before) to reuse on the leftovers headed into the refrigerator. If you were a Swabian, you'd understand.

  •  ...written two scathing emails to two different people on the same day and then jetisoned them both because some people are just too stupid to bother with.

  •  ...spent €101 on home decorations (2 pillow covers, 1 small table cloth, and 6 placemats) because they had owls on them and I love owls. I was disappointed in the quality of what arrived. And I had to spend €10 on pillows to go into the pillow covers.

  •  ...apologized to M for spending €111 on useless, cheap (but kind of cute) owl crap in the same month that he made an additional house payment.

  •  ...left a stove burner on level 4 all night after boiling potatoes at 22:00 for the next day's Bratkartoffeln. M found a nice warm kitchen when he went for his coffee the next morning.

  •  ...celebrated silently because I have a 3-week break from one of my volunteer jobs. I want to like the work but don't.

  • ...had a conversation with M about the gender of the German word for orgasm. Masculine, feminine, or neuter: one guess, folks.

  •  ...lost this entire blog post after it was nearly finished because I had unplugged the network cable to sit in the living room to write, got an error message when I tried to add a photo that wouldn't go away even after I plugged in again, and hit the big red X because I was too proud to ask M to fix my problem for me.

  •  ...apologized to M for bitching about losing my blog post when I could have asked him for help before hitting the big red X.

  •  ...eaten an entire package of licorice I brought back from the States. Apparently I miss licorice. And now it's gone.

  • ...thrown a semi-major hissy fit because my Nexus required a system update and now everything looks different. I HATE change!!!
Owl in the center isn't new - he traveled in my suitcase from the U.S.
when I moved here.
Well hell, I have to admit, this was fun!!

Ok, fellow bloggers and dear readers - what are your mid-month (or end-month...whatever) confessions?!? Let's liven up this dull season.


  1. I think I got the Nexus update too. I'm not much of a fan either.

    1. Two days and counting. Still hate it and am doing less on my Nexus than I used to (which already wasn't much - read emails, yes. Respond, no.). But have to begrudgingly admit that I'm getting used to the bits I can't avoid. I refuse so far to like some of the things I could like because I'm still sulking. Maybe next week I'll have a more open mind.

  2. Awesome list of confessions! Let's see, I could confess that most evenings after work all I want to do is curl up on the couch under the electric blanket (it's been COLD here!) and read -- except that too many nights I end up spending far too much time on my iPad doing silly things and not enough time reading. Also, that I've started any number of blog posts and have not been inspired enough to finish them - major writer's block. Could come up with more, but I'll stop - and say I *love* the owl pillows! :)

    1. Blanket and book time is fabulous! I end up spending as much time napping as reading, though. I think we all need to unplug more! You can't fight writer's block. It's over when it's over.

  3. Ha ha, these are great! Love the owl cushions :) Is the gender for an orgasm male?!
    I may or may not have left the Catholic Church, I may or may not have drunk wine and whiskey on a school night, I may or may not have spent around €100 on makeup and clothes yesterday ;) Phew, that feels good now that I can no longer go to regular confession ;)

    1. Indeed it is masculine. :-) I never did go to confession since I was raised Lutheran, but I'm sure this is more fun. Rather than finishing with "Go out and sin no more" we can say, "See ya back here next month!"

  4. The owl cushions are cute though! Practically all my friends and family (and Jan's mum) bought me gifts with owls on for Christmas 2013 so my flat now has enough owls in it for a while :-D I love owls too, but feel the need to add other animals now!

    1. A flat can never have enough owls. You should see my Schwiegermutter's flat! :-)

  5. Aaawww!! I'm with bevchen -- at least those owl cushions are absolutely adorable!!! There's always that! There's always that :D All the best for this week...

    1. Thanks! All the best to you as well, and thanks for stopping by. There's just something about owls, isn't there? That's enough of ordering from a catalog, though. I might have still bought the table cloth and maybe one pillow cover, but I would never have bought the thin placemats that slide around on the table like tissue paper. Ugh.